Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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People Detained According to Regime MP

People Detained According to Regime MP

Also, Rouhani said in last week that the people of Iran were free to protest peacefully, but rejected protesting by violence.

The President also ordered the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, as well as the Governor of the Central Bank to take measures to increase costs so that the exporters of state and private sectors can directly export their products to target countries. Against the ayatollah and the mullahs, the charge is that what they have delivered - power and wealth to the clerics, social repression, foreign wars - are not what the Iranian people want.

Protesting without government permit is strictly illegal in Iran, with perpetrators being threatened with a lengthy jail sentence, and some have even warned that they could face the death penalty.

"The people of Iran have had enough of their corrupt government leadership, and the regime has ignored the needs of its people for far too long", said Latta, whose 5th Congressional District includes parts of Ottawa County.

"In responding to developments in Iran, now and in the future, the US should be careful not to take any steps that might undermine the JCPOA (nuclear agreement) which remains vital to USA national security", it said. This is the first time in eight years, since the protests against alleged electoral fraud in 2009, that Iran is once again witnessing such unrest.

"The Iranian people see no value in the opportunistic remarks by American officials and Mr Trump", foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said at the time in response to the United States administrations remarks.

Today the Persian Gulf region is at a historical juncture, and success for the Iranian people's freedom movement would certainly become a powerful stabilizing force for the world.

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"Rouhani promised to make universities safer for students but instead they have turned into military fortresses and more and more students are being arrested every day", added the source.

Months before the protests started in Iran, the president predicted that the days of the Iranian regime were numbered.

Iranian lawmakers also held a closed session in which senior security officials briefed them on the protests and the conditions of the detainees, the state-run IRNA news agency reported.

We stand with the proud people of Iran because it is right, and because the regime in Tehran threatens the peace and security of the world.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani meanwhile said that despite the exploitation of the protests by outsiders, authorities should listen to the demonstrators' economic grievances. "USA sanctions target the oppressive destabilizing regime, not the people of Iran", Royce added.

U.S. officials and analysts studying Iran believe conservative opponents of President Hassan Rouhani, a relative moderate within Iran's clerically overseen government, started the demonstrations in Mashhad, but quickly lost control of them. "He hasn't actually spoken up about human rights or Canadian values or anything of that sort", Shahrooz explains.

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