Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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Governor Brown announces proposed state budget for 2018

Republican Board of Equalization member George Runner, who represents the Mother Lode, says, "It's a smart move by the governor to boost the state's rainy day fund (by $10-billion), since as he warns, the threat of a recession still looms, and California is still very much vulnerable to boom-and-bust budgeting".

The state's budget must be approved by June 15, so it can be enacted July 1.

But Brown characteristically urged caution, pointing out that previous recoveries from economic downturns haven't lasted.

UC also would receive a 3 percent increase to its general fund under the proposed budget.

Brown is using some of a projected surplus to speed up the full funding of his 2013 education reform, the Local Control Funding Formula.

Gov. Jerry Brown proposed a 3 percent increase in funding for the University of California's core educational budget in his 2018-2019 budget proposal released Wednesday.

Eloy Oakley, chancellor of California's community colleges, applauded the online college proposal.

The governor is proposing that $570 million go toward community colleges. The two had requested additional money to add more graduate students.

Jerry Brown unveiled his 16th - and final - proposed budget as governor on Wednesday. He said the Legislature should determine whether the Internal Revenue Service could issue a regulation to completely subvert the fund.

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"I have always said that the budget is a value statement of what we as Californians prioritize", Mitchell said. As part of his spending proposal, the budget summary suggested that more information about how LCFF money is allocated and spent by school districts could be required in the next fiscal year. It includes $2.8 billion to fix roads, highways and bridges. Recent data from the U.S. Department of Education shows that 30 percent of undergraduate students enrolled in at least one online education course in 2016, up from 27.1 percent in 2014, Inside Higher Ed reports.

On the forefront of his mind, however, are disaster recovery and preparedness. The state recorded deficits throughout Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's tenure and in the first years of Brown's terms.

Yet they noted that "the state budget process has just begun and we hope to continue conversations with the governor and the Legislature".

According to the Department of Finance's budget summary on higher education, the total reflects growth of $892.8 million ($621.8 million General Fund and local property taxes and $271 million other funds) compared to revised 2017-18 expenditures. We need to step up our investment in the next generation. Brown's higher ed proposal.

Brown also expressed concerns that the new federal tax bill would hit high-end taxpayers in California and tempt them to leave the state.

The good times have lawmakers airing plans to spend some of the surplus. "Strategic funding by the state of California to increase college success by providing fiscal incentives to improve time to degree, transfer, and graduation is long overdue", she said. "In a flawless world, the surplus would be returned to taxpayers".

Community college tuition for full-time California residents ranges from roughly $1,100 to $1,400 a year, depending on course load.

Brown said that in the past the state has experienced 10 recessions since World War Two and we must be prepared for the next one.

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