Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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Ford Edge ST revealed

Ford Edge ST revealed

Ford has announced that a new version of the Edge SUV will be rolling into dealerships and this flavor is the first ST SUV Ford has offered. WIth the Edge being Ford's best-ever selling SUV in 2017, it makes sense to add an "ST" badge to the vehicle and make it more appealing than ever before.

For example, the Blue Oval has chose to showcase there - in front of the worldwide audience of the North American International Auto Show - the updated Ford Edge midsize SUV, complete with the all-new introduction of the ST version.

The new ST accompanies a refresh for the entire Edge lineup, which Ford calls its "medium-utility" vehicle.

All wheel-drive is standard on the ST and gets help from a water-cooled transfer unit in order to help horsepower and all 380 lb-ft of torque find the grippiest tire.

Power goes through an eight-speed automatic gearbox and the standard Edge's all-wheel drive, with "selectable" traction control and "ST-tuned" sports suspension. And while there's no stick available, the paddle shifters will give you manual control over the changes.

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Ford says the vehicle will feature a new Sport mode with sharper throttle response and shifting behaviour, so it'll be more likely to sit by the redline.

None of the bug numbers are out yet, but we expect the Edge ST to come close to the 17/24 mpg city/highway of the Edge Sport. A raft of new safety equipment comes available too, including post-collision braking, evasive steering assist, adaptive cruise and lane centering, but these features will likely only be available in higher trim levels. To free up space in the cabin, Ford removed the standard gear selector and replaced it with a knob that automatically shifts into park if doors are opened to prevent an FCA-like rollaway fiasco. Using radar and camera information, the steering feature reads driver response to slower or stopped vehicles ahead. For 2019, comes a slightly different kind of hot hatch, the Ford Edge ST.

But Aquino and others noted that all the technology wouldn't be worth much if the Edge wasn't a fun ride.

Notable tech features include the ability to locate, unlock, start, and lock the auto with a mobile app and connect up to 10 devices to in-car WiFi.

Ford is updating its Edge crossover and there's reason to be excited. This means 2019 Edge drivers and passengers will experience a wireless charging pad located in the forward media bin, and they can opt for an upgraded audio experience, HD RadioTM and a 12-speaker B&O PLAYTM Premium Audio System by HARMAN specially tuned for Edge.

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