Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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Don't extinguish migrants' hopes - Pope

Don't extinguish migrants' hopes - Pope

The Catholic church designates January 1 as World Peace Day, and in his comments after Mass to the crowd in the square outside the basilica, Francis noted that this year's focus of the day was the search for peace by migrants and refugees.

"For this peace, to which everyone has a right, many of them are willing to risk their lives in a journey which is often long and risky, they are willing to face strain and suffering".

"Please, let us not extinguish the hope in their hearts, let us not suffocate their hopes for peace!"

Francis called on political, educational, and religious institutions alike to "make the effort to assure refugees and migrants, to everyone, a peaceful future".

The publication of the picture comes as the latest expression of the Pope's continuing concern about the nuclear threat and as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un today in his own New Year's Day address on television warned that the nuclear button on his desk is ready for use if North Korea is threatened. "May the Lord grant us to work in this new year with generosity, generosity, to create a more supportive and welcoming world".

However, he also noted that "gratitude prevails" thanks to those who "co-operate silently for the common good", noting that parents and educators who raise children in a spirit of responsible ethics and consciousness were deserving of praise.

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Pope Francis has made migrants and refugees a central theme of his papacy in opposition to the negative sentiment against migrants around the world.

"Wars are the most flagrant sign of this persistent and absurd pride", he said.

The pope also led the midday Angelus prayer December 31, the feast of the Holy Family.

"As a mother, Mary plays a very special role: She places herself between her Son Jesus and people, in the reality of their deprivations, poverty and suffering", the pope said.

The pontiff has been calling for a world free of nuclear weapons.

Growth and rebirth are possibilities open to every family, he said.

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