Published: Tue, January 09, 2018
Research | By Jody Lindsey

Link's triband mesh Wi-Fi impresses with range, flexibility

Link's triband mesh Wi-Fi impresses with range, flexibility

Like the (also) new 802.11ad we have spoken about recently (ie, Netgear AD7200 router), these new wireless technologies focus on delivering a much higher max throughput for networks, allowing you to multitask like never before, and load your network up with all of the wonderful smart devices that continue to flood the market. BLE makes setup simple and quick, and 3 party compatibility with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, and IFTTT means that mydlink meets the needs of every smart home owner, without locking them into any one ecosystem.

This router from D-Link has dual-band 802.11ac performance, so you're getting the fastest speeds available here, and there is also MU-MIMO technology included so that even on crowded networks, it should still run easily.

Linksys also outlined its mesh Wi-Fi products and network management tools.

First up is the D-Link AC2600 router powered by McAfee.

Increased performance and reliability - Dual-band technology with SmartConnect distributes traffic over two dedicated Wi-Fi radios, optimising network performance and reliability. But the big differentiator here is the McAfee Secure Home Platform.

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If having Wi-Fi is too hard of a requirement, there is also an LTE edition of the camera.

D-Link's tri-band mesh W-Fi system uses two devices to cover up to 6,000 square feet.

Fortunately, D-Link isn't just showing off these two insane routers on the show floor, as the company has launched dual-band and tri-band wireless packs for its Covr mesh wireless system, and a AC2600 dual-band 802.11ac router that is protected by Intel's McAfee security software, which aims to protect IoT devices and offers better parental controls in the network environment.

McAfee's Global Threat Intelligence features adaptable machine learning that protects by preventing, detecting, and correcting malicious malware and attacks, which enables a safer internet browsing experience for consumers. We'll have more information about McAfee Identity Protection when it gets closer to launch. The DIR-2680 is easily set up with the D-Link Wi-Fi app and can be managed from anywhere with the McAfee Secure Home Platform app. "The new AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee is our solution for consumers to help protect their homes and children from evolving online threats". The includes the AX6000 Ultra Wi-Fi Router (DIR-X6060) and the AX11000 Ultra Wi-Fi Router (DIR-X9000), both of which claim to be able to blow Wireless 802.11ac technology away.

The ultra Wi-Fi routers feature improved coverage and 4x more capacity over 11AC with a 1.8GHz quad-core processor. 4x4 MU-MIMO allows more users to perform even more data intensive tasks on more devices with less network congestion. And the company has done that, making it possible to setup through the D-Link app on your smartphone. With BSS Colouring and OFDMA, the routers deliver more efficient networking for extreme home networks, especially in device-dense environments.

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