Published: Mon, January 08, 2018
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Nvidia launches second GeForce Now PC beta

Nvidia launches second GeForce Now PC beta

Transform Any Mac Or Pc Into A High-Performance Gaming Rig With NVIDIA's cloud-based GPUs.

The service is now available in pubic beta for Windows- and Mac-based desktops and laptops in most of North America and Europe. The benefit to streaming is that you don't have to wait for the game to load - Nvidia stores cached versions of each game available on the platform so they're ready to go when required. Not to be confused with the identically named GeForce NOW subscription service for NVIDIA SHIELD, the GeForce NOW service for Macs and PCs is a compute time rental service, with players renting a stipped down virtual machine that can be used to run already-owned games from Steam and other services. At CES 2018, Nvidia Freestyle was revealed.

GeForce Now can connect gamers to their library of titles from numerous top digital stores, and, starting today, that includes Uplay PC, Ubisoft's PC games portal.

Nobody wants to pay for a buggy service, and Nvidia knows it - that's why the company has made GeForce Now for PC and Mac completely free to download and use while it's in beta.

Nvidia launches second GeForce Now PC beta
Nvidia launches second GeForce Now PC beta

Simply connect to your library of games from popular digital stores, like Uplay PC and Steam, and start playing. "It connects a wide range of Windows and macOS computers to supercomputers in the cloud, streaming 1080p graphics at up to 120 frames per second", Nvidia said in a blog post. All the heavy-lifting happens in Nvidia's data centers, which means that even my Dell XPS 13 with integrated graphics could stream games at full speed. Free-to-play games can also be installed directly. All patching, game configuring and driver updating is handled automatically by the GeForce NOW infrastructure, and games take just 30 seconds to install. The Mac beta launched last summer, with PC support coming just today.

GeForce Now receives regular updates including service enhancements, new games, and additional data centers.

The new beta, which builds on the company's earlier GeForce Grid platform, is available for free on Windows and macOS now for users in North America and Europe, Nvidia has confirmed, though when the service launches fully it will likely attract the same £7.49 a month charge as its Shield equivalent. "The games stream very smoothly, even on my Macbook Air, giving you the feeling you're playing natively". It doesn't matter if you've got a low-end PC or a Mac, AAA-rated PC games are available to you. The only catch? Due to the popularity of the service, you'll need to sign up to a waiting list to gain access.

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