Published: Thu, December 28, 2017
Research | By Jody Lindsey

Next Huawei flagship to be named the P20 instead of P11

Next Huawei flagship to be named the P20 instead of P11

As we are nearing the end of this year, the company's roadmap for the next year has been leaked. Last year's Mate 9 and the past couple of Honor devices have laid the groundwork, but for 2018, Huawei is going after flagships with its Mate 10 Pro, landing this time on an actual carrier.

An image of Huawei's product roadmap for 2018 has been leaked too, and while it mentions there will be three P-series phones: P, P Plus and P Lite, it doesn't actually say P20.

In the past Huawei has offered smartphones in the USA through retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, but will now have a carrier avenue to push them in an Apple and Samsung dominant country. These could be placeholders or codenames and not the actual names of the upcoming Huawei smartphones. In the same quarter, it looks like the firm will also announce at some point a scale and a 360-degree camera. The Q3 2018 is a bit barren for Huawei, as the Chinese company plans to introduce a single device: a third Honor-branded smartphone. There have been rumors swirling that Huawei has been in talks with Verizon Wireless, too, so it's possible that the Mate 10 bows in on the two largest carriers in the US, which would be good news for Huawei to be sure.

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It seems assumption could have got the better of the majority of industry analysts that said Huawei's next P-series flagship will be called the P11. Meanwhile, Huawei's product roadmap for the year 2018 has been leaked in images, which shows bunch new devices.

The report also states that Huawei will launch four new smartphones in 2018 in Israel, one smartphone for each quarter.

Though the leaked image of the Huawei 2018 roadmap reveals a lot of details showcasing what the company is planning for the next year, there is no authenticity and we can not vouch for the same.

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